We specialise in the recovery of debt in Scotland. Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery

We act for a diverse client base in the recovery of loans, credit cards, store cards, business debts, commercial loans, utility debt, telecoms debt and personal debt.  We recognise the universal requirements for debt recovery to be carried out in a sensitive manner, with commerciality as a primary consideration when deciding on the right solution for clients.

We recover debt in FCA regulated environments and on a business to business basis and have a deep understanding of the best “routes to recovery” for different types of client and different types of debt.

Motor Finance Recoveries

We work with a number of major and specialist UK motor and finance providers. Our team have a track record of delivering exceptional results for their motor finance clients due to our depth of specialist vehicle recovery expertise and strategic partnerships with a number of specialist recovery agents across Scotland.

Mortgage Recoveries

We recognise mortgage recoveries are a highly sensitive heavily regulated and high-risk activity for lenders.  Repossession poses a significant reputational risk for lenders and our specialist experience helps us guide lenders through the recovery of mortgage debt in Scotland in what is a notoriously complicated jurisdiction due to its conflicting legislation and complex case law.

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