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“The legal term for transferring real property from one owner to another”.

We can advise you on the following:

  • Sale of your home or other property
  • Purchase of a home or other property
  • New mortgage or remortgage on a property
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Your greatest asset Your home is your castle

Buying or selling a home will be a big decision for you. You may not understand all the steps, you may have concerns, and you will certainly wish an expert to guide you through the legal (conveyancing) process and reduce any stress.  Our team of legal and estate agency experts can provide you with advice on home reports, pricing, market conditions, and advise on making offers.

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Selling your home

Simpson & Marwick has a team of experienced solicitors and paralegals to handle every part of the legal sales process.  From gathering together all of the required documents (title deed, building warrants and alteration certificates, mortgage documentation, etc), to liaising with the buyer’s solicitors, and repaying your lender, our team will keep you appraised of progress throughout the journey.

Buying a new home

Once you have found a property you love, our team will note interest in the property, go over the home report with you, check on any closing date, and advise you on making an offer including both the amount and the date of entry.  Assuming it is accepted, you will then be kept informed of progress throughout the conveyancing process including communications with any mortgage lender.

After you have bought your home

Our team will ensure all the documents relating to the purchase are recorded correctly and will retain digital copies for future reference.

Learn more Conveyancing questions answered

Conveyancing can be a complicated process so here are some basic questions answered in lay-terms.

Conveyancing is the legal term for the process of transferring the ownership (title) of a property from one party to another.  It involves checking what is included in the deal, issuing the contract (the missives), and carrying out all necessary searches to ensure that there are no factors affecting the sale which might impact on the buyer’s ownership of the property.

The missives of sale, in Scots law, are a series of formal letters (commencing with the Offer) between the buyer’s solicitor and the seller’s solicitor, making up the contract of sale for the transfer of the property.

There are many factors which might impact on the length of time between you making an offer on a property and being able to move in to it. The conveyancing process can depend on the speed of lenders to issue a mortgage offer,  on the efficiency of the various search agencies to provide the necessary register and local authority searches, and on the efficiency of the other party’s legal team.  But throughout the process, Simpson & Marwick will keep you updated on progress.

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Let us know what sort of property you are looking to purchase and we will quote you a price for the work.

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Please note, if a transaction proves to be more complex (rural properties or new build properties for example) there may be additional charges but we will advise you of these up front.

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