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We know how important it is to get the right mortgage, whatever step of the ladder you’re on. Once you have chosen your new lender, we make the switch as simple and quick as possible.

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We act on behalf of your new lender and are responsible for transferring the mortgage (and the legal charge securing it against your property. Our team will update you throughout the entire remortgage journey and you can choose to track progress using our customer portal.

Every remortgage is different, and some will take longer than others. Typically, we will complete a straightforward remortgage within four to eight weeks. It’s important to remember that we act for your new lenders only and so cannot provide you any legal or financial advice.

You will be assigned a specialist paralegal who will be your dedicated case handler throughout the transaction. They are contactable by email, by phone, by Microsoft Teams or via our customer portal.

Call the Remortgage team on 0330 127 2606 or email


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Simpson & Marwick has a long well-established pedigree acting for lenders and panel managers when it comes to remortgage conveyancing, separate representation, sale, purchase and first registrations.
We understand that the best customer journey and outcomes are critical to how your customers perceive your brand.

We are privileged to work with the majority of UK lenders and panel managers. All our relationships are based on long-term partnerships and are driven by an absolute focus on performance and results.

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Every remortgage involves some legal work, so your new lender will therefore appoint a solicitor to act for them. In your remortgage that is us. For a standard remortgage we will simply swap the legal charge (standard security) over your property in favour of your old lender, for a new one in favour of your new lender. Sometimes there are more complex elements to a Remortgage, for example, adding someone to a mortgage or to the title of your property.

A solicitor will be required as ownership of your property is changing. This is known as a ‘transfer of equity’ or a ‘transfer of title’. Your title deeds will be amended specifying who will own your property. Equally, removing someone from the mortgage or title of your property the ownership of the property is changing, so a solicitor will be needed to amend the deeds in the same way as a transfer of title or of equity.

Your remortgage will involve requesting a legal report from the Registers of Scotland. This is in relation to requesting a Personal Search to check you’ve not been declared bankrupt and what proportion each person owns.

We will also obtain a mortgage redemption statement from your old lender. This sets out how much you owe them and whether you must pay exit fees or early repayment charges.

Next, we check the mortgage offer from your new lender, ensure your property meets your new lender’s conditions for lending, and arrange for you to sign the new mortgage deed (also known as a legal charge or standard security).

For certain types of remortgages we need to conduct ID checks. At the end of your remortgage journey we will set a completion date for your remortgage and lastly register your new mortgage in favour of your new lender with the Registers of Scotland.

This will be determined by your new lender. You may well find the information within the terms of your mortgage offer, but you can contact your new lender regarding this. If you are using a mortgage broker, they may be able to obtain this information for you.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your property is insured for the full rebuild cost in accordance with the mortgage offer from your new lender.

If your property is currently insured through your existing mortgage lender, you must ensure that this cover will continue when your old mortgage is repaid.

At completion, we will obtain an updated legal report (search), receive the funds from your new lender and pay off the balance on your old mortgage plus any fees.

After completion we will register the new mortgage deed (legal charge or standard security) at the Registers of Scotland and send you a copy of the updated Title Sheet if you have selected that option.

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