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Who we are We aspire to be the only law firm and professional advisers that you will ever need

In the early 90s, the Law Society of Scotland used to run an advert with the slogan “It’s never too early to call your solicitor.”  The message is just as important now as it was then.  The adverts suggested that in many personal situations, any delay could result in unwanted consequences.  At Simpson & Marwick we want to help you avoid those consequences, and we hope to stay by your side throughout your life journey handling both the ups and the downs with you.

We take pride in getting to know you, in understanding the nature of any challenges you may have, and we work hard to develop close working relationships with both you and with any other solicitors or advisors involved in legal or financial transactions.

Our team is fiercely proud of the Simpson & Marwick brand, both what it stands for today and how we want it to develop and evolve in the future. We aspire to be the Scottish law firm of choice for individuals and also family businesses.

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Our mission

Simpson & Marwick is one of Scotland’s best known and respected legal brands and is particularly well known in Edinburgh and on the East Coast of Scotland.

Simpson & Marwick became part of Moray Group in 2020. Moray Group is a dynamic Scottish professional services group with a strong pedigree.

We believe that Scotland is ready for a fresh, innovative and progressive law firm that delivers exceptional value to clients through its highly talented people and by using modern, leading-edge technologies. We are obsessively focussed on our clients and on quality.

We believe profoundly in teamwork and professionalism, and train, employ and develop only the most technically proficient advisers. By redesigning the traditional relationship with the client, we believe we can move away from a traditional ‘transactional’ client relationship, to a long-term meaningful partnership.

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