Thinking of selling your home this summer? Hannah Graham, Associate Director at Simpson & Marwick discusses how to make the most of your property when selling this summer.

When it comes to selling your home, presentation is one of the most important elements to achieving a good sale and with the outside world coming into bloom, summer is the time of year when our properties are looking their best.

Sellers should create a lifestyle that purchasers would like to embrace by making the most of outside spaces. It is relatively easy to dress your outside space with a table and chairs and a few shrubs or bulbs to add a splash of colour, even the simplest of pots can make an outside area more appealing and inviting to relax in. 

However, for those properties without outside space it is just as easy to bring nature indoors and a great way to enhance the interior of your property. With many of us spending more time at home than ever before due to hybrid working, the desire to create a calming and relaxed atmosphere is at an all-time high.

“Not long after the Covid-19 lockdowns took place in spring 2020, the home industry as a whole saw a shift to bringing nature in,” says Anna Franklin, interior designer.

Window ledges and small ornamental balconies can be utilised for growing herbs, colourful plants and even some fruit and veg! There are also so many options available for transforming the inside of our homes. If you have a smaller space, think vertically, instead of placing plants on the floors or tables, use your wall space as a place to display the greenery. You can use shelves or, for a vertical garden look, install wall planters in a vertical line for the most impact. Alternatively, you can use the ceiling for hanging plants instead of taking up the limited floorspace you may have or even just have a few vases of fresh or faux flowers on display.

If space isn’t an issue, then arrange bigger plants in corners or empty spaces, this will instantly spruce up your space without much thought. Invest in a few good indoor plants, the snake plant, ivy, bamboo palm, fern and spider plant are all good options for improving the presentation and bringing a little bit of the outside in!

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This article features in the ESPC June Property and Interiors Magazine